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introductory seminar course: Making Up with Makeovers: Performing Selves in Reality TV Formats - Details
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General information

Course number 70185
Semester WS 2021/22
Current number of participants 25
maximum number of participants 25
Home institute PHF/Institut für Anglistik/Amerikanistik (IAA)
participating institutes PHF/IAA/British and American Cultural Studies, Philosophische Fakultät (PHF)
Courses type introductory seminar course in category Teaching
Next date Tue , 26.10.2021 11:15 - 12:45, Room: SCHW-HS - Es ist eine Tafel vorhanden.Dieser Raum wird am Mittwoch von 13.00-19.00 Uhr nicht mehr für Lehrveranstaltungen vergeben.

Fields of study


This seminar will look to popular audio-visual formats, primarily reality TV (and streaming, YouTube, etc.) formats, that enact performances of 'makeovers'. For the purposes of this seminar, makeovers extend to formats that make-over the self (in particular, the body) and the home.

We will develop taxonomies for discussing the generic constraints of the formats as well as critical tools for thinking about the performances of selves and homes presented in them. Notions of style, taste and (self-)optimisation will be critically discussed to examine assumptions of class, in particular for the ways these ideas intersect with gender and 'race'.

The seminar entails working with some central ideas of cultural studies, such as gender, 'race', and class, as well as developing understandings of several key concepts, like performativity, mobility, status, and further forms of ideological critique, to question the ways and effects of these performances of (self-)optimisation.

A Reader with a selection of texts will be provided at the beginning of the course. We will workshop a selection of make-over texts (primarily shows, but also other formats) at the beginning of the semester.

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The course is part of admission "WS - höhere Semester - Standard".
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